How To Become A Better Guitar Player

Learning to play the guitar can feel like climbing a mountain; you can see and hear how you want to be playing but it seems an impossibly hard feat. It needn’t feel this way, after all, every player starts from where you are and experiences the same challenges and pitfalls. There are a few things you can do to accelerate your way towards playing guitar better and improving your technique.


Learn Scales

Scales are the notes within a chord, varying from major to minor, with more variations lurking beneath them, but starting with those two will aid you massively.

Learning scales will improve your ability to effortlessly change chords and will aid you in songwriting. If you want to learn how to shred, scales will help you learn where to go immediately, and soon enough you’ll be traversing the fretboard with ease.

For bass players, scales are an intrinsic part of creating basslines. Talented bass players feel the groove of a song and use their knowledge of scales to create unique and interesting lines that add depth and rhythm to a song. Their importance cannot be underestimated.



Practice Practice Practice. This goes without saying but it cannot be overlooked. Sam from Floor Sanders Melbourne says, Without dedication and patience, your playing will never improve. The simple act of sitting down with your guitar and playing it will make you a better player instantly. Every time you sit down you will feel the guitar becoming more and more familiar, your strumming will improve, and your knowledge of what notes sound good together will too. Soon enough you will be hard pressed to find a time where playing felt unnatural and awkward.


Learn Your Favourite Songs

Playing along with your favourite songs will help you improve your rhythm and will also give you an insight into how the pros construct songs. You’ll be improving your playing as well as enjoying the music you’re listening to, and before you know it you’ll gain in confidence and feel like a true guitar player. Some of the greats learned by playing along to the records they grew up with, so if it works for them it will surely work for you.


Learn How To Read Tabs

This ties in with the previous section, tabs will aid you massively in learning how to play guitar. They are dotted lines with numbers on them. Each dotted line represents a string on the guitar and the number represents where you should put your fingers. They are an effective way to get better at guitar playing fast. Most tab sites also offer video tutorials on how to improve your playing too, so they are an invaluable resource.


These are just a few tips on how to improve your guitar playing, take them on board you will be well on your way to becoming a better player. Get in touch if you wanna discuss about guitar.