Guitar Types

Who is not a fan of music? This is the 21st Century everyone likes music. A lot of people also enjoy playing instruments. There are two different types of guitars: acoustic and electric.

Electric Guitars:

Stratocaster Guitars this guitar is the most widely known among all of the electric guitars. Can be used to play a variety of music. If you walk into a rock club you will mostly likely see this guitar on the wall. As this particular one is a favorite among many.

Telecaster Guitars are mainly used for country music. However, it can be used to play a variety of music.

Les Paul Guitar this guitar has a heavy sound. These guitars are extremely costly. If you are just starting to play the guitar than this one is not for you. As this one is heavy and with the heavy sound that it imitates it is not a choice among beginners.

SG Guitar these guitar also produce a heavy sound. Mainly, enjoyed by rockers and Indie players. Has volume controls attached to the body.

Electric Guitars are a favorite among many, because they provide a better function response than Acoustic Guitars. Electric guitars are also easier to play.


Acoustic Guitars:

Martin Guitars has a genuine bass sound. There are several different types of these guitars such as the D and J shaped.

Folk Guitars is slightly bigger than the classic Acoustic Guitars.

12-String Guitars this guitar has so many strings to produce an amazing sound.

Ovation Guitars these guitars have six strings and long necks.

Acoustic Guitars look better than Electric Guitars. The body style determines the sound that comes out. The Acoustic Guitars can play at a more increased volume than Electric Guitars. The notes on these are stronger than Electric Guitars.

Which one do you like better? The Acoustic or the Electric Guitar?